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Does your organization participate in exports and imports? International trade is a critical part of various businesses, and if your organization is involved, you must achieve compliance with several export administration regulations. If your organization deals with the exportation, importation, research, manufacturing, and brokerage of any item listed in the US munitions list, your organization must be ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) compliant.

What is ITAR?

ITAR is among the countless laws, regulations, and controls governing how organizations or companies export or import articles and defense-related services enumerated in the USML. It aims to safeguard US national security and further US foreign policy objectives. Any exporter, broker, or manufacturer of the defense articles, services, or even the technical data related to the defense article must achieve ITAR compliance.

Our experienced ITAR consultants can help you avoid criminal and civil penalties by ensuring that you achieve and maintain ITAR compliance through routine audits, consulting, and training for your staff and those handling ITAR. We can configure your IT infrastructure to ensure that only authorized US citizens can access the information regulated or controlled under ITAR. At Cleared Systems, we understand that ITAR compliance consulting expands beyond informing you of the laws that the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls publishes every year.

Requirements for ITAR Compliance

  • Your company must be registered with the DDTC.
  • Your organization should have a properly documented compliance policy with particular export activities procedures and address ITAR-related technical data management on its facilities.
  • Your company must audit its compliance program annually for timely identification of any export violations and advance continuous improvements.
  • You should engage third-party ITAR consultants like Cleared Systems to conduct periodic audits.
  • You should regularly train your employees on ITAR specifics and how it applies to their job.
  • Whenever required, your company should obtain an export license.
  • Your organization should conduct due diligence, including denied-party screenings on your supply chain, end users, customers, and intermediaries for export transactions.

How Can We Help?

ITAR compliance can feel like a moving target, requiring you to spare no effort in achieving and maintaining such. As National Security interests evolve and foreign policy changes, your company must also keep up with any changes in export laws. We help contractors, manufacturers, exporters, importers, brokers, and other organizations with all the aspects of ITAR compliance. Upon confirming that you are subject to ITAR, we closely work with you to fully address all relevant requirements. Our ITAR consulting services takes your entire business into account. To ensure this, we provide services like:

ITAR Training

Our ITAR consultants offer unparalleled in-person ITAR training and workshops to help team members and leaders understand their roles in ITAR compliance. This ensures that your company is more efficient and healthier in all areas of operation.

ITAR Registration

Per ITAR, your company must register with DDTC before producing, exporting, or brokering a USML-listed item, technical data, or service. Our ITAR compliance consultants can help your company through the entire ITAR registration process faster and error-free.

Adopting and Implementing an ITAR Compliance Program

Our able professionals will help you adopt and implement an ITAR compliance program, a measure that will demonstrate to the authorities that you have a formal process for ITAR compliance. We’ll also conduct a risk assessment of your systems as required under ITAR.

Voluntary Disclosures

No matter how robust the steps you take to achieve compliance consulting are, you might run into occasional problems. Fortunately, the US government allows you to submit voluntary self-disclosures of violations. Our experienced compliance consultants will help you traverse the entire process to clear up any past issues, ensuring that your business is quickly back on track.

Other areas of ITAR compliance with which Cleared Systems can help your company include:

  • Importing defense services, defense articles, and technical data in a manner compliant with ITAR.
  • Exporting defense services, defense articles, and technical data enumerated in the US Munitions List to any foreign entity.
  • Implementing internal controls necessary to ensure ITAR compliance, such as establishing CUI enclaves and restricting employee access to any technical data subject to ITAR.
  • Implementing sufficient controls that prevent the re-exporting of defense services, defense articles, and technical data to a hostile or blocked foreign entity.
  • Applying for exemptions from the Department of State depending on your business objective and needs.
  • Implementing adequate controls (such as migrating to Microsoft GCC high or other cloud environments that ensure data sovereignty) to secure technical data before, during, and even after exporting or importing,
  • Storing and generating records in a manner compliant with ITAR to maintain DDTC registration and avoid violation.

These are just a few ITAR compliance consulting services with which our experts at Cleared Systems can help your organization. With their years of combined experience, our ITAR consultants have the insights and knowledge your organization needs to achieve ITAR compliance effectively.

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