Ensure Your Business is ITAR Compliant with Our Comprehensive Training Program

ITAR compliance training is becoming increasingly essential for companies that export, broker, or even manufacture defense articles and services. But what is the driving force behind this? Each ITAR violation has severe sanctions ranging from civil to criminal penalties, with each infraction may result in jail time and even millions of dollars. ITAR compliance training is a critical aspect of your business regardless of your company’s size or income. If you deal with the production, exportation, or brokerage of an item listed under the USML, offer defense services, or handle technical data related to an USML-listed item, you need to understand what’s required of you.

Drawing on many years of experience working with prime contractors and subcontractors, our team of experts on ITAR compliance and training facilitators can help. Through various ITAR compliance training programs, our team can help make ITAR regulations real for employees and executives at different levels in your organization.

Types of Training Available

ITAR Compliance Workshops

Cleared Systems offers full-day ITAR compliance training seminars and workshops at our Fairfax, VA offices. Those that attend gain valuable insights and understanding of EAR and ITAR. You’ll understand your company’s responsibilities in attaining ITAR compliance by attending these workshops. Attendees receive practical instruction on this topic from our compliance and licensing team.

ITAR Compliance On-Site Training

At Cleared Systems, we provide customized, on-site ITAR compliance training. Before training, our experts analyze your company and acquaint themselves with your business model. Our professionals develop training modules reflecting your business needs upon understanding what you do and who you are. The custom-tailored ITAR compliance training sessions are then conducted at your organization/facility, offering your employees a convenient service from the beginning to the end.

ITAR Compliance Custom Webinars

Besides on-site training, we also offer ITAR training via webinars. Your employees can then mimic the webinar experience via your computers and enjoy the same benefits as those of a love training. Our webinars range between 1-4 hours and are particularly personalized to your company, giving the ITAR training required to ensure you stay compliant.

ITAR Compliance Live Stream Webinars

Our multi-day live streaming webinars cover the ITAR basics, ITAR for Empowered Officials, and US Export Controls. These courses are for any company personnel interested in learning more about ITAR registration, compliance, requirements, data protection, CUI labeling and licensing.

Who Needs Training?

Because ITAR regularly changes and affects various elements of your business operations, it is a great idea to have your key employees and in-house compliance personnel attend training courses specific to their roles. You can achieve this with regular or ongoing ITAR training, generally attended by the employees every 6 months. This ensures they are updated on every aspect of their job, including the government trade requirements.

Out ITAR compliance training facilitators can customize each session to ensure every employee or C-level executive’s needs are taken care of. With our comprehensive ITAR compliance training courses, you can rest assured that you are continually updated with any changes in the regulations. Whether you want your employees to participate in customized webinars from the comfort of their desks or want to have a live training session at your facility, Cleared Systems delivers ITAR training courses that prepare your organization for compliant brokerage, import, or export activities. Our courses can be customized for:

  • C-suite executives, empowered officials, and your company’s board members.
  • New hires must be introduced to the ITAR and other import/export regulations.
  • Seasoned employees that need to be updated on any changes in the regulation.
  • Export compliance officers and human resource personnel.
  • Shipping and receiving teams.
  • Sales and marketing personnel.

What Can You Learn From Our Training Courses?

By liaising with us, your employees, company executives, new hires, and board executives can benefit from our ITAR training courses, including:

  • Introduction to ITAR and EAR.
  • Interpretation of the USML.
  • Handling, storing or disseminating controls on any ITAR-related technical data.
  • Understanding export licensing mandates and other specific processes.
  • Adopting and implementing an internal compliance program.
  • Identification and classification of technology and hardware that you export.
  • Registration with the DDTC.
  • ITAR exports compliance training for all programs from IT, Engineering, Supply chain, program management, and business development.
  • Empowered official training and ITAR Registration and licensing
  • ITAR-compliant business development and offshore procurement.
  • ITAR agreement writing and management.
  • Commodity jurisdiction request processing
  • Regulations on brokerage activities.
  • ITAR record-keeping requirements
  • Sanctions, penalties, and fines for ITAR violations.
  • Voluntary disclosure of any violations to reduce penalties

Depending on your needs, we can design and deliver a customized ITAR or EAR training course to ensure that your business remains compliant and that employees are well-informed.

Schedule Your ITAR Compliance Training With Us

At Cleared Systems, we offer ITAR compliance training courses designed for online delivery to ensure a safe and economical presentation with large teams. Our experienced ITAR consultants deliver the information you need in a tested and proven format that works for your employees regardless of your needs or location. Therefore, take the initial steps of securing your organization and avert unnecessary headaches to ensure that you and your employees can remain focused on your business needs by contacting us at Cleared Systems for an ITAR training today!