Microsoft GCC High Consulting to Securely Empower Your Business Operations

Have you discovered that you need to migrate to Microsoft GCC High to be compliant? Or do you want to get certification for CMMC Level 2 and above? Migrating from other Microsoft cloud platforms like Microsoft GCC to Microsoft 365 GCC High is a complex technical project that requires experienced staffing and a high-level understanding of the entire process to complete the migrations and set-up correctly. At Cleared Systems, we have years of experience in Microsoft GCC High operations, including migrations, onboarding, and configurations to protect the Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI).

Why Enlist for Our Migration Services?

If your current compliance requirements mandate you move to Microsoft GCC high to remain compliant, we are here to help. As stated above, Migration to Microsoft GCC high is a complex process. Depending on the size of your organization, it may take you 6-18 months to understand, plan, and execute a successful move to Microsoft GCC High on your own. We understand the intricacies of migrating from other clouds to Microsoft GCC high. A failed or insecure migration risks productivity loss, email downtime, data loss, and end-user frustration.

The good news is that Cleared Systems has figured out a way of making the entire migration process easy, fast, and affordable even for the smaller organizations despite the complexities. If you have been informed that you need to migrate to Microsoft GCC High, it is time to give us a call. We will help you navigate the complexities of making Microsoft GCC High migrations, including;

  • Setting the right end-user expectations
  • Correctly configuring the security settings, and
  • Assistance with migration and licensing.
  • Microsoft GCC High Consulting

Our Migration Services

We offer the best services to ensure you remain compliant. Our Migration services include the following:

Analysis of Migration Requirements

If you've just realized that you need to migrate to Microsoft GCC High to remain compliant, you might have a series of questions in your mind. Cleared systems offer consultancy services, giving you a complete run-up of needs analysis to paint a vivid picture of what is required. Since organizations have different systems and contract conditions, the analysis also helps plan the migrations.

Mapping and Planning

Planning and mapping are among the most vital components of migration, specifically when transitioning to Microsoft GCC High. After many years of experience and completing several Microsoft GCC High migrations, our team at Cleared Systems has developed a deep understanding of every hurdle or nuance. If you are moving or simply upgrading to the cloud platforms without considering CUI governance, compliance, and feature gaps, you may have limited success.

When an organization migrates to the cloud with its default configurations or settings, it becomes less secure and spends a fortune trying to remedy the gaps. That is why at Cleared systems, we correctly configure the security settings to ensure your data is safe. We believe in secure-first migrations.


We inspect the data you intend to migrate to ensure it is in the correct formats and to know the size before starting the migration process. An inspection ensures that the data is secure by checking its structure and ensuring it complies with your governance rules. If there are any deviations, you can choose to re-format the data or make modifications to ensure compliance. This process helps avoid unnecessary expenses from gathering incorrect data during migration.


Our team then moves the files and data from your premises or other cloud platforms like Microsoft GCC or commercial to Microsoft GCC 365. Our team at Cleared Systems has created a checklist of activities that ensures a successful migration, and we follow it every time. For instance, moving data alone doesn't suffice; you also need to transfer security configurations and internal settings to ensure the data is secure on the new platforms.


We believe in an end-to-end validation process before passing over the operations to you or your IT staff. After migration, we conduct a detailed validation of the migrated data to know that it was migrated to the right services with adherence to your security policies. We also validate the data for accuracy and structure. This aims to prevent data mix-ups and losses during the migration process.


Most cloud migrations need to be integrated with an on-premise data source, other SaaS applications, and non-Microsoft Cloud platforms. The migration expense would be a waste if the data sources are not properly integrated and all critical business systems aren't synchronized, precisely if there is Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) in each of these systems.

Although anybody can execute a tool or script to transfer data between various points, pre-existing automation and data labeling is another business altogether; and we make it ours. We conduct all integrations after evaluating the security of the system and its impact on compliance.

Get Started Now

Are you a Federal prime or subprime contractor that needs a secure Microsoft tenant to collaborate on CUI and information requiring high regulatory and compliance requirements? Cleared Systems is here to help. We implement information architecture, cloud strategy, integration needs, and planned governance when making Microsoft GCC High migrations.

Our team has the experience and expertise to securely migrate your files and data to Microsoft GCC High at an affordable cost. With the complexities of this project, let our Microsoft GCC High Migrations experts handle the process and relieve you of the frustrations of trying to migrate the files and data yourself. Call us today or fill out an online form on our website to find out how we can help you move to GCC High and remain compliant.