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Regardless of the kind of data you hold, protecting it is paramount. However, some data requires more protection ad special handling. Data, especially government data, comes with strict requirements for handling, storing, transmitting, and protecting it. For that reason, most contractors and subcontractors migrate to Microsoft Office 365 GCC (Government Cloud Community) High.

CMMC, a regulation enforced within DoD contracts, requires that contractors adhere to certain standards to secure critical and sensitive national security information. Transitioning to the cloud is among the first steps for many organizations or moving to a compliant cloud provider from a non-compliant one. It can be a headache if you are unaware of the requirements and challenges of transitioning to Microsoft GCC high. In this post, you will learn what Microsoft GCC high is, the reasons why you should migrate to GCC high, the services we offer for migration. This post can help you if unsure whether to migrate.

What is Microsoft GCC High?

Microsoft 365 GCC high is a type of DoD cloud environment intended for DoD personnel, cabinet-level agencies, cleared Personnel, and DoD contractors. Microsoft 365 GCC High meets all the FedRAMP's high-impact requirements, hence the name. The platform resides on the Azure Government Infrastructure, ensuring higher security than other Microsoft cloud platforms.

The cloud platform can be used by the Defense Industrial Base (DIB), DoD contractors and subcontractors, and federal agencies meeting certain security and compliance requirements can use Microsoft GCC High. This cloud platform's data centers are only located in the continental United States to enhance security further. Your organization is only eligible for its platform if located in the United States and can demonstrate to Microsoft that you are eligible.

Microsoft 365 GCC High uses Azure Government servers physically and virtually isolated use by federal agencies and Defense contractors only. Azure Government Servers use US-Only directory services with higher security than the global access servers. Data processing and transmission only happen in the Continental US, which gives the cloud platform an added security layer.

Why Do You Need to Migrate to Microsoft GCC High?

If you are a federal contractor or subcontractor, the chances are high that you deal with various levels of controlled Unclassified information and other critical national security data. Therefore, you need to ensure that the data is kept and transmitted securely. You need to migrate to a GCC high Platform if you deal with either of the following types of data:

  • (CJI) Criminal Justice Information
  • Covered Defense Information (CDI)
  • CUI (Controlled Unclassified Information) and all its sub-categories.
  • Information dealing with ITAR
  • DoD Unclassified Controlled Nuclear Information
  • DoD Impact Level 4 or higher
  • NERC information

If you have a CMMC level three requirement in your contract, you also need to use Microsoft GCC High. Therefore, you need Microsoft GCC high to get the cybersecurity Maturity Modification Compliance level 3 and above. If your contract doesn't include any of the above-listed types of information, GCC high isn't a requirement. If any of them is included in your contract, you need to either implement GCC High or migrate to one.

Critical Factors to Consider When Migrating to Microsoft GCC High


When connecting to various cloud service providers, Microsoft office 365 GCC High has higher restrictions. Instead of allow-listing the ranges of IPs, GCC High allow-lists individual IPs.

Migration Tools

Using proper migration tools helps in smoothening any migration. Whether migrating to a GCC High from one tenant to another on-premise or from a hybrid to a GCC High Tenant, it is vital to choose the right tool. It helps keep user impact minimum.

Feature Parity

When migrating to Microsoft GCC High, you must know what features aren't supported. This ensures that you can plan and address them otherwise.

Our Migration Services

OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, distribution lists, MFA, and exchange online migrations may prove a time-consuming and tiresome activity. If you lack the necessary skills, you may lose data in the process. Transitioning from other cloud platforms is an opportunity with Cleared Systems. We gain actionable insights into your existing content and enrich it using intelligent classification and automated metadata. We then restructure the information to make it easier to find and apply information protection and governance.

Our staff has the requisite IT solutions to consolidate and migrate your data to Microsoft GCC high. They use in-depth content discovery and analysis, automated migration and integration, intelligent classification, and protect your data to ensure compliance. In a nutshell, we ensure that your data and metadata are migrated from one platform to Microsoft GCC high without any compromise or loss.

If you are a contractor or a sub-contractor, Transitioning or migrating to Microsoft GCC High may be a prerequisite depending on the type of data held by your organization. If your contract has either of the above forms of information or wants to be certified in CMMC level 3 or above, you also need to implement or migrate to Microsoft GCC High. At Cleared Systems, our staff is fully equipped with modern technologies to securely migrate your data, ensuring integrity, security, and fidelity. Call us today for help with content or information migration to Microsoft GCC 365 High.

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