Zero Trust Security

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Understanding Zero Trust Security

Corporations allow their employees to access data using cloud software and mobile devices regardless of their location. As a result, the security perimeter has grown beyond the office walls. Valuable data is transferred between IaaS, SaaS, IoT devices, data centers, and many more platforms and devices.

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What Is The Driving Force Behind Zero Trust Network Security Approach?

Good guys in, bad guys out. This is a principle that has for a long time shaped how companies approach information security. It is anchored on the premise that you can protect your IT environment from malicious actors by simply making the perimeter more resilient, broader, and stronger. However, the underlying notion that you can trust internal traffic is nowadays a fairytale. With more people working from home and practices such as “Bring Your Own Device (BYOD),” it is challenging to establish the perimeter. Hence, perimeter security approaches such as firewalls can no longer be trusted to protect the “perimeter.” This has led to a need for a more robust approach towards securing the network, zero trust architecture.

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