A vCISO Helps A Manufacturer Attain Better Cybersecurity Posture

An FPGA manufacturer’s basic cybersecurity efforts were spearheaded by their 2-man IT department. With growing security challenges and customers’ demand for privacy and protection, the manufacturer faced an immediate need to open a full-fledged cybersecurity section within the IT department. The manufacturer had two options: hire full-time cybersecurity professionals or select a specialized vCISO to help with their cybersecurity posture.

Evaluating Options

Having a dedicated full-time employee on-site and available around the clock was an appealing thought. However, the difficulty was finding a single person capable of meeting all the security requirements of the manufacturer and its clients. Such an individual would need the tactical execution of a seasoned analyst and the experience of a CISO. With all that security know-how and experience, however, hiring that individual would cost a significant fortune, both in salary and benefits. Understanding what it’d take to hire a security professional, the manufacturer started searching for a vCISO and comparing the costs. But the manufacturer was not only looking for a security provider; they were also looking to gain a competitive edge. By guaranteeing client data privacy and protection, the manufacturer assured the clients that their data integrity and confidentially would remain intact.

Selecting the Right Candidate

In their quest for a robust cybersecurity solution, the manufacturer identified Cleared Systems’ vCISO service as the perfect fit. This decision was driven by their desire to align with a service that not only met their internal security objectives but also gave them a competitive edge in the market. The manufacturer realized that achieving their cybersecurity goals required more than just one professional. By choosing Cleared Systems, they gained access to an entire team of seasoned cybersecurity professionals. This choice was not only strategically sound but also cost-effective compared to hiring an in-house CISO.

Reaping the Benefits

  • Proactive Cyber Security Leadership: Cleared Systems, through its vCISO service, has empowered the manufacturer with proactive cybersecurity leadership. This involves continuous monitoring of the threat landscape, early identification of potential vulnerabilities, and strategic development of mitigation plans. The vCISO team’s forward-thinking approach ensures that the manufacturer is always one step ahead of emerging threats.
  • Increasing Employee Awareness: Recognizing the critical role employees play in maintaining a secure environment, Cleared Systems has implemented comprehensive training sessions. These sessions aim to enhance employee awareness about email phishing attempts, social engineering tactics, and other potential threats. The training also includes best practices for maintaining a secure working environment.
  • Expertise & Experience: The wealth of knowledge and experience that Cleared Systems brings to the table is invaluable to the manufacturer. Their broad industry experience and proven solutions ensure that they are well-equipped to address the specific security demands of both the manufacturer and its clients.
  • Compliance and Regulatory Expertise: Navigating through various compliance and regulatory requirements is no easy task. However, Cleared Systems’ vCISO team, with its expertise in GDPR, ITAR and EAR, DFARS, and FCC regulations, ensures that the manufacturer’s security practices are always compliant. This reduces the risk of non-compliance, fines, and penalties.
  • Testing and Patching Vulnerabilities: Cleared Systems adopts a proactive approach towards securing the manufacturer’s information systems. They continuously conduct assessments to identify vulnerabilities and take immediate action to patch them. This approach minimizes the risk of exploitation and fortifies the manufacturer’s information systems.
  • Developing Security Policies and Procedures: In collaboration with the manufacturer, Cleared Systems has developed comprehensive security policies and procedures. These guidelines have helped standardize security practices across the organization, ensuring a consistent and robust security framework.
  • Incident Response Plan: The Cleared Systems team has assisted the manufacturer in preparing a well-defined Incident Response Plan. This plan outlines the steps to be taken in case of a security incident, enabling a swift and effective response to potential threats. The plan is periodically reviewed and updated to ensure it remains relevant in light of evolving threats.
  • Deploying a Data Loss Prevention Solution: Recognizing the importance of preventing data breaches, Cleared Systems has deployed a data loss prevention solution for the manufacturer. This solution monitors and controls data endpoints (workstations and servers), network traffic, and data stored in cloud services to prevent unauthorized access or retrieval. Thus, the manufacturer can rest assured its FPGA research, trade secrets, and proprietary data was safeguarded from exfiltration.

Cleared Systems, a vCISO, is a strategic partner that empowers businesses to fortify their security posture and safeguard their valuable assets proactively. Our cost-effective approach ensures compliance with industry standards while tailoring a cybersecurity strategy to meet your unique needs and business objectives. Contact us today to enhance your cybersecurity resilience and gain a competitive edge. Let Cleared Systems be your partner in the journey to a more secure and resilient organization.

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