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ITAR Compliance: Ensuring National Security and Export Control

ITAR regulates the export and import of defense-related items, services, and data to prevent unauthorized foreign parties from accessing sensitive technology. Compliance is essential for defense industry businesses and those dealing with defense data. It involves protecting technical data, including data security, cloud compliance, document control, and data management.

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What is ITAR Compliance and Who Needs to Comply? A Guide

What is ITAR Compliance and Who Needs to Comply? A Guide

Who Needs To Follow ITAR Compliance?
In this ITAR Compliance Guide we’ll explore all you need to know about ITAR Compliance.

The International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) is a set of US government regulations that control the export and import of defense-related articles, services, and technical data. These regulations are critical in ensuring that the US maintains its military technological superiority while preventing the unauthorized export or disclosure of sensitive information to foreign entities.

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