Seamless Migration to Office 365 GCC & GCC High with Our Expert Services

Are you a Defense Industrial Base or a Federal contractor holding, processing, transmitting Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI)? All corporations and contractors handling CUI need to adhere to the recommended requirements to protect the confidentiality of CUI under the NIST SP 800-171. This demonstrates that the contractor provides adequate security to protect the Covered Defense Information (CDI) included in the defense contracts as a requirement in DFARS clause 252.204-7012. And, if a manufacturer is part of the General Services Administration, NASA, DoD, and other federal agencies' supply chain, they must also implement the NIST SP 800-171.

Microsoft GCC and GCC High help the US DIB and defense contractor customers achieve the DFARS 252.204-7012 requirements. In addition, at cleared systems, we can help you migrate to Microsoft GCC High or GCC to ensure you are compliant with the regulation above. But first, what are GCC and GCC High.

What is Microsoft GCC and Microsoft GCC High

Microsoft offers these two cloud platforms to help federal contractors and DoD meet some demanding and robust compliance and cybersecurity requirements, especially the NIST SP 800-171 and DFARS 7012 cyber incident reporting regulations. If you manage any Covered Defense Information (CDI) and covered Technical Information (CTI), you need either GCC or GCC High. However, there is some information that GCC High sovereign cloud can handle that cannot be handled by Microsoft GCC like ITAR.

Migrating to Microsoft office GCC or GCC High isn't easy, considering it is marred with challenges. Based on your organization's size, understanding, planning, and executing a migration successfully on your own might take up to 18 months.

At Cleared Systems, our team has devised successful, secure migration to Microsoft office GCC or GCC high and compliant with the above regulations. Our team has performed over 70 migrations and is uniquely skilled in handling your migrations to ensure you remain compliant and avoid penalties or cyber incidences. We understand the challenges of migrating to Microsoft GCC or GCC High. We also offer the following services to complete the migration:

Microsoft GCC and GCC High Licensing

Microsoft GCC and GCC High licensing is done through a small group of selected Microsoft office GCC High and GCC licensing partners. This makes obtaining the license for the two cloud platforms extremely hard. Luckily Cleared Systems has got you covered. We are among the few licensing partners and work with several other authorized license resellers. Since we understand the licensing process, we can help you budget for the entire process.

A Reliable Partner

Migrating to Microsoft GCC and GCC high is vital to achieving compliance needs. However, partnering with a reliable company that can set you up for success through secure and high-quality migrations and delivers an excellent experience is equally important. At Cleared Systems, we understand the meaning of great experience, and our migration process to GCC or GCC high is geared towards helping you achieve just that. We have been helping clients nationwide with GCC high consulting and migrations. Join a growing group of happy clients we've helped migrate to these secure clouds.

Smooth GCC and GCC High Migration Process

Our process is straightforward, with a clear set of deliverables that ensures success for your migration to GCC or GCC High. We will work closely with you on this journey. We will be your trusted advisor and ensure we provide you with a smooth and secure GCC or GCC High cloud implementation. We guarantee successful migration to GCC or GCC High with our experience, expertise, and knowledge of success migrating to Microsoft office GCC high and GCC.

Do your current compliance requirements require that you migrate to Microsoft GCC or GCC High? We know that an insecure migration can cause email downtimes, data loss, end-user frustrations, and productivity loss at cleared systems. That's why our migration process incorporates security. Our migration process is fast, easy, and affordable for all organizations, including small-sized ones. Have you been informed that you need to migrate to Microsoft GCC or GCC High? Contact us at Cleared Systems.