DDTC Registration Services

Ensure ITAR compliance, facilitate legal defense trade, and unlock new business opportunities with our expert DDTC Registration Services.

Benefits of DDTC Registration Services by Cleared Systems

Cleared Systems DDTC Registration Services provide expert guidance, compliance assurance, and peace of mind for companies involved in defense trade. By registering with DDTC, you gain enhanced market access, ensuring compliance with ITAR regulations and opening doors to new business opportunities.

Initial DDTC Registration

Our team will provide step-by-step guidance to ensure the accurate completion of all required forms and documentation.

Compliance Assessments and Audits

Our compliance assessments and audits can help identify any gaps or vulnerabilities in your export control program.

Renewal and Maintenance

Our experts will help you navigate the renewal process, ensuring that all required information is updated and submitted on time. We will closely monitor any changes in regulations or reporting requirements to ensure your ongoing compliance.

Training and Education

Our programs cover various topics, including understanding ITAR controls, classification of defense articles and services, licensing procedures, and compliance best practices.

Compliance Program Development

Our team can assist you in developing and implementing comprehensive compliance programs that include policies, procedures, and internal controls. We will work closely with you to understand your unique business needs and design a program that mitigates risks, ensures compliance, and aligns with industry best practices.

Comprehensive DDTC Registration Services for ITAR Compliance

Our team conducts compliance assessments, offers specialized training programs, and assists in developing robust compliance programs tailored to your specific business needs. With our expertise, we help navigate the complexities of ITAR and ensure that your company meets its regulatory obligations, mitigates risks, and maintains a strong compliance posture in the defense industry.

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