Are you taking advantage of your Microsoft Cloud Subscription? Let's face it; many organizations don't do it because it can be confusing and difficult to understand and navigate the licensing. Organizations looking to maximize their investment should know the impacts and perks of purchasing the appropriate licensing. At Cleared System, we know this predicament, and we'll work with you throughout the process to identify the right Microsoft licensing solutions and help you meet your personalized goals.

Understanding GCC High

Typically, GCC High is the Department of Defense cloud's copy for use by DOD contractors, cleared personnel, and agencies. It's one of the offers from Azure Cloud Services, Office 365 Suite, and Microsoft 365. GCC High ensures federal and cybersecurity compliance, including DFARS 7012, FedRAMP High, ITAR, CMMC, and CJIS Policy.

GCC High Migration as Part of CMMC Compliance

While you may feel skeptical whether or not GCC migration is a critical part of your CMMC compliance, here are important reasons you may want to migrate to the cloud environment:


CMMC requirements can be complicated. It means you need well-defined accountability when handling CMMC compliance. This can play a vital role and make a considerable difference. The cloud type allows Microsoft to offer contractual, enabling businesses to meet and surpass the dynamic DoD regulatory requirements.

A Well-Streamlined Management

GCC and MS 365 are some of the most sought-after by businesses. However, some of their services and features don't comply with NST 800-171, CMMC, and DFARS 7012. If you invest in either GCC or MS 365 Commercial, you need to identify, disable and monitor these services. While regular monitoring can help, this doesn't eliminate the possibility of future compliance issues. It's a wise decision to move to a cloud-like GCC High. With this, management is stress-free and seamless, giving you time to focus on other vital organizational aspects.

ITAR and NOFORN Compliance

Businesses working with defense-related data are highly likely not to comply with ITAR guidelines. Failure to comply can lead to severe consequences. For example, Violators may pay $ 1 million per non-compliance and face up to ten years imprisonment. Organizations can take effective measures as soon as possible to avoid such pitfalls.
It can be worse if you face export license revocation and many entities have lost their licenses due to non-compliance with ITAR requirements. Such incidents can affect your reputation and subject your business to yearly audits. At Cleared System, we understand what this could mean to you and your organization, and we'll guide you throughout the process to protect you from such occurrences.

Does Purchasing CMMC Mean Automatic Licensing?

Purchasing CMMC doesn't mean automatic compliance. Your organization should manage and set up the GCC High for CMMC compliance.

While the cloud environment offers guardrails, it isn't a turnkey CMMC compliance/certification option. Your company is responsible for GCC High operation and configuration. If you don't know how to go about it, ensure you work with qualified experts at Cleared System for help.

Understanding GCC

The United States' government technology requirements aren't similar to private sector and commercial companies. This is why Microsoft designed software and services to serve the public sector enterprises. Typically, GCC is the government's cloud environment copy. GCC can comply with different frameworks such as DoD SRG Level 2, FBI CJIS, DFARS 252.204-7012, and FedRAMP Moderate. While the features and services are similar, the data centers' locations are only in the continental United States.

GCC or GCC High Business Deployment

Many businesses and organizations struggle when deploying cloud environments. While this may seem complicated, working with a qualified Microsoft Cloud company can save you heartaches and unnecessary mistakes. Here are critical steps you need to keep in mind:
• Assess and evaluate your organization's eligibility and needs
• Make an application
• Take your time to examine and understand the default security settings
• Define a governance roadmap

Work with Certified Microsoft Licensing Experts

What are your business's cloud environment needs? Are you sure of the best solutions that can cater to your personalized requirements? If not, no worries! Instead of taking shortcuts, Cleared System is here to help. We have worked with more than 120 Sub-prime and Prime contractors in the United States, and we can assist you in navigating these complex systems. Reach out to our experts today to get started.