The California Privacy Rights Act’s Origins

In 2018, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) was born. It was the first big privacy law in the U.S. and gave Californians rights over their personal information. But it had some problems, like unclear language. So, in 2020, people created the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) to fix these issues.

What’s in the California Privacy Rights Act?

The CPRA adds new rules to the CCPA. It has important features for businesses and people:

  1. New enforcement agency: The CPRA creates the California Privacy Protection Agency (CPPA) to protect privacy rights.
  2. Bigger definition of personal information: The CPRA includes sensitive information like race and health.
  3. Higher fines for breaking the law: Businesses can face fines up to $7,500 for each intentional violation.
  4. Right to fix personal information: Californians can correct wrong personal information.
  5. Right to limit sensitive information use: Californians can control how others use their sensitive information.

How Will the CPRA Affect Businesses?

The CPRA changes how businesses handle Californians’ personal information:

  1. New rules to follow: Businesses need to create plans to follow the CPRA’s rules.
  2. Better data protection: Businesses must use encryption and access controls to protect personal information.
  3. Bigger fines for breaking the rules: Businesses could face fines up to $7,500 per intentional violation.
  4. New rules for keeping data: Businesses might need to delete personal information after a certain time.

How Will the CPRA Affect Consumers?

The CPRA also changes things for people in California:

  1. More privacy rights: Californians get more rights, like fixing wrong personal information and limiting sensitive information use.
  2. More control over information: Californians can stop the sale of their personal information.
  3. More openness: Businesses must be clearer about how they collect and use data.


The CPRA changes things for businesses and people in California. Businesses must create new plans to follow the rules, while people get more privacy rights and control. The CPRA is a big step in protecting Californians’ privacy and might be a model for other states.

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