Discover How Dynamics 365 GCC High Boosted Productivity for a Defense Manufacturer 

A manufacturer provides a DoD Prime contractor with precise CNC Machined components and military machining. Due to the sensitive nature of some of the components, the manufacturer has to achieve ITAR compliance. In the recent past, the number of orders has considerably increased, stressing their legacy systems. Besides manufacturing and distribution, the company regularly services and maintains its products, which is essential for troop combat readiness. Although the manufacturer’s services were excellent, legacy software powering the service department made it difficult for employees to do their jobs efficiently. It was time to upgrade to a more modern system, an integrated platform that enabled innovation and growth while meeting their SLAs with the DoD. Recognizing how serious the issue was, the manufacturer engaged us to devise solutions for their CRM and ERP challenges. Together, we decided that deploying Dynamics 365 GCC High products and add-ons was the best solution.


  • To integrate manufacturing, distribution, and service operations into a single, cloud-based platform for improved efficiency and visibility through Dynamics 365 GCC High’s products.  
  • To enhance maintenance and service operations through D365 GCC High Field Service to empower technicians and support faster response times.  
  • To enable the manufacturer to efficiently manage increased order volume and meet SLAs using modernized IT systems.  


Data Migration into Dynamics 365 GCC High  

The manufacturer had a large amount of sensitive data stored in their legacy systems. This data needed to be migrated to the new platform without compromising its security or quality. Unfortunately, the data was all mixed up and had to be sorted, classified, and marked before migrating. This added complexity and demanded a rigorous data governance strategy to ensure accuracy and adherence to strict regulations even post-migration.  

Integrating Existing Third-Party Applications and Dynamics 365 GCC High Products  

The manufacturer used several third-party applications to manage highly specialized manufacturing and inventory management processes. While seamlessly integrating Dynamics 365 GCC High with these existing systems was crucial, it posed a major challenge. Most legacy applications lacked modern APIs or methods to exchange data securely. The proprietary nature of some tools also made integration more difficult. Additionally, the integrations and configurations had to be done in such a manner that they adhered to specific DISA SRG IL4 and ITAR compliance requirements.  

User Adoption Issues   

Employees received news of Dynamics 365 GCC High deployment with mixed reactions. While some employees were happy they would be using a new platform, making their work easier, others were apprehensive. They were already accustomed to working with the legacy systems. The idea that they would have to be trained again didn’t sit well with them.   

Challenges Customizing Dynamics 365 GCC High Products  

Stringent security and compliance needs of the solution limited the manufacturer’s customization options, contrasting with the flexibility of legacy systems. Some customers were accustomed to specific functionalities and workflows tailored to their needs. Unfortunately, they had to change their processes to accommodate the stringent, less customizable platform, which they found hard.  


Data Classification  

Our team collected, analyzed, and classified the manufacturer’s data from disparate systems, focusing on data requiring safeguards. For sensitivity-based classification, we used Microsoft Purview for data classification, Sensitivity Labels and Label Policies.  Azure Information Protection Unified Labeling Client and Information Protection Scanner were instrumental in document and email classification. These tools ensured data integrity and security, facilitated a smooth transition to Dynamics 365 GCC High. They also were instrumental in overcoming transition challenges. We then migrated the data in phases, prioritizing critical information and minimizing disruption to operations.    

Deploying Dynamics 365 GCC High Products and Add-ons  

We deployed Dynamics 365 GCC High products and add-ons, which are designed for government contractors and agencies that must meet ITAR and FedRAMP requirements. Our team implemented the Customer Engagement Plan, which includes Dynamics 365 for Customer Management, Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, and Project Service Automation. This enabled the manufacturer streamline and automate their CRM and ERP processes, like managing, contracts, orders, invoices, service requests, field agents, etc. 

Customized Integration   

This is where our expertise truly shone. We crafted custom integrations that bridged the gap between the old and the new, seamlessly harmonizing data flows and optimizing operational efficiency. Our team of integration specialists conducted a thorough analysis of the manufacturer’s existing applications and their data exchange protocols. We meticulously mapped data structures and workflows using APIs, building robust connections between each tool and Dynamics 365 GCC High. This ensured seamless data exchange, eliminating manual work and potential errors. We also crafted bespoke integration solutions for some applications where APIs weren’t readily available. Our developers crafted custom bridges using their deep understanding of Dynamics 365 GCC High and the specific needs of the manufacturer’s applications.  Recognizing the crucial role of real-time data synchronization, we implemented robust data replication techniques. This ensured instant updates in one application were reflected instantaneously in all connected systems, eliminating delays in information flow.   

Comprehensive Training and Support  

Cleared Systems provided comprehensive training and support to the Manufacturer’s employees, ensuring a smooth transition to Dynamics 365 GCC High. Our tailored training sessions taught staff to navigate the new platform, understand its features, and efficiently perform tasks. The training covered not only the basics but also advanced functionalities, empowering employees to leverage the system’s full potential. We also provided continuing support post-migration, addressing queries and challenges promptly. This approach fostered a confident user base, enhancing their capabilities and minimizing disruptions. The emphasis on thorough training and ongoing support contributed significantly to successfully adopting and optimizing the new CRM and ERP solutions.  


Improved Efficiency and Productivity  

The manufacturer improved the efficiency and productivity of their service department with the Customer Engagement Plan, which automated and simplified their CRM and ERP tasks. They even saw a considerable increase in customer satisfaction and retention, proving the power of streamlined efficiency in building lasting loyalty. This win-win transformation propelled them, driving operational excellence and customer delight.  

Increased Compliance And Security  

The manufacturer, through the adoption of Dynamics 365 GCC High, successfully attained ITAR compliance and bolstered data security, aligning seamlessly with stringent DoD SLAs and standards. This integration marked a pivotal enhancement, providing the manufacturer with heightened visibility and meticulous control over their data and operational processes. Consequently, the risk of data breaches and potential violations was substantially reduced. This fortified the manufacturer’s commitment to regulatory requirements and instilled a comprehensive framework ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive information.  


Partnering with Cleared Systems to deploy Dynamics 365 GCC High proved transformative for the defense manufacturer.  Our phased migration approach ensured accurate and secure data transfer into the new system. Custom integrations seamlessly connected D365 GCC High with specialized manufacturing applications, eliminating silos. With streamlined workflows and modernized IT systems powered by Dynamics 365 GCC High, the manufacturer gained the agility and visibility needed to meet rising demand. They are now equipped to efficiently manage high-priority defense contracts while protecting sensitive data. The success of this engagement highlights our unique expertise in deploying D365 GCC High to solve complex challenges for regulated defense contractors. To learn more about how we can transform your operations with Dynamics 365, contact us today.

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