Cleared Systems is Now a Certified CMMC-AB Registered Provider

“I’m so delighted to announce that Cleared Systems has been officially approved as a CMMC Registered Provider Organization by the CMMC-AB. This is timely in light of the recent cybersecurity incidences affecting the government & its supply chain. We believe we’re better positioned to offer compliance support services and valuable insights to any company seeking to achieve CMMC certification.” –Carl B. Johnson, President & Information Security Consultant at Cleared Systems.

The ever-increasing cybersecurity breaches have left various organizations vulnerable, and the U.S. DoD cannot take any chances with its contractors. Hence, it formulated the CMMC framework. The framework includes three maturity levels that the DIB organizations and contractors must be certified at some level. This proves they are dedicated and prepared to protect CUI. How can organizations improve their processes and improve their protection of CUI? By implementing the requisite practices under NIST SP 800-171r2. However, such a practice requires someone or an agency to guarantee that the organization fully implements the practices. This is where Cyber-AB comes into play. The CMMC-AB is an independent accreditation body that builds, accredits, certifies, and manages the CMMC ecosystem on behalf of the DoD. RPOs are a critical part of the CMMC ecosystem and are essential in preparing the DoD contractors for certification.

What is a Registered Provider Organization (RPO)?

Registered Practitioner Organization Cleared Systems

A Registered Provider Organization (RPO) is an entity that is authorized by the CMMC-AB to provide consulting services to organizations seeking certification (OSC) under the CMMC program. The CMMC program is a framework that aims to enhance the cybersecurity of the defense industrial base (DIB) by requiring contractors to meet certain standards and practices to protect CUI and FCI. An RPO employs Registered Practitioners (RPs) who have received basic training on the CMMC model requirements at every level. An RPO can help an OSC understand and prepare for the CMMC requirements, as well as assist during the assessment process if needed. However, an RPO cannot conduct or grant CMMC certification. This  can only be done by a Certified Third-Party Assessment Organization (C3PAO).

Cleared Systems is an RPO that has a proven track record of providing expert guidance and support to the DoD and federal government subcontractors in achieving CMMC certification. Our RPs are experts in cybersecurity best practices and CMMC framework. This helps us maintain a firm focus on CMMC standards and offer expert services to our clients. At Cleared Systems, we have a history of providing the DoD and federal government subcontractors with expert guidance, leading to certification. As a result, CMMC-AB has officially recognized and listed us as an approved RPO.


Benefits of Working With an RPO

Working with a certified CMMC-AB RPO greatly benefits any contractor or organization seeking CMMC certification. Such an organization won’t have to start from scratch when it’s looking to harden its infrastructure in readiness for a CMMC assessment. By partnering with an RPO, you can have confidence that you are working with an MSP that:

  • Adheres to the CMMC-AB’s Code of Professional Conduct.
  • Is authorized to represent itself as conversant with all the CMMC standard constructs. 
  • Has Gone through CMMC-AB-provided training.
  • Can participate as an assessment team member in the interim period.
  • Has passed various commercial background checks.

Cleared System’s CMMC Readiness Offerings

At the core of our various CMMC readiness offerings is strengthening your organization’s cybersecurity maturity to comply with the laws, regulations, or government-wide policies governing storage and dissemination of CUI. Our team consists of experienced experts with a deep understanding of CMMC 2.0 compliance that can help you improve your cybersecurity maturity. As a now registered CMMC-AB RPO, we can help you prepare for CMMC compliance and certification through the following steps:

Gap Assessment

After you’ve identified the CMMC level you want to be certified at, you should then select a qualified RPO to help you with gap analysis. At Cleared Systems, we’ll take a deeper look at your organization’s cybersecurity posture and compare it to the requirements of NIST SP 800-171 and other applicable controls. This aims at pointing out any compliance “gaps” considering the maturity level you want to be certified at and laying down what is needed to help you prepare for CMMC.

Preparation of SSP & POAM

Based on the findings of the gap analysis, as a vetted CMMC-AB RPO, we will then draft an SSP and POA&Ms, providing documentary evidence to show your Prime contractor or DoD you are committed and well on course towards achieving CMMC compliance. The two are critical in your journey toward CMMC Certification. In addition, hiring us to write your SSP, POA&Ms, and other cybersecurity documentation can save you on expenses. This is because it avoids the lost productivity associated with having the internal staff undertake the process.

Remediation Consulting

We can also amend any gaps pointed out on the POAMs documentation to ensure you’re on the right CMMC certification path. The remediation process’ complexity depends on the state of your current IT systems. It could be as simple as implementing MFA on your organization’s business accounts or as complex as updating or renewing your entire IT infrastructure. By working with an RPO, you can rest assured that all loopholes in your system are sealed and will not suffer any setbacks in your CMMC compliance journey.


The other role we can play as a vetted RPO is optimization. This is an ongoing process where we continually improve and optimize operations to keep you relevant and updated on the present security controls. This includes monitoring, compliance, and continuous maintenance in readiness for CMMC audits and formalized incident response. Further, Cleared Systems can help you prepare for the CMMC accreditation audits and guide you to achieving your targeted implementation levels. To us, achieving CMMC 2.0 compliance is a good business practice for reducing your company’s risks and an essential framework that ensures the protection of CUI.

Let Us Help You

The journey to becoming CMMC-certified is costly, long, and tedious, especially if explored without the input of a cybersecurity expert. To reach any certification goal, you should thoroughly plan and implement particular variables, which might take approximately 8-12 months. Fortunately, working with a reliable RPO will lessen the bottlenecks and ensure you are on a speedy journey towards becoming CMMC compliant.

As a certified RPO, Cleared Systems has the expertise and resources to help you at any stage of your journey to CMMC compliance. Our overly qualified and experienced RPs are adequately versed with CMMC requirements and can help you at any stage. Contact us today for help with your CMMC compliance, a significant milestone towards certification.

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