Dynamics 365 GCC High Customer Service Enterprise Helps an Aerospace Company Streamline Customer Operations

A leading aerospace technology company experienced rapid growth, leading to siloed data and disconnected processes across its departments. The increasing supply chain didn’t make matters easier, especially on matters compliance. Additionally, its on-premises ERP system struggled to keep pace with evolving project demands, and its CRM lacked visibility into customer interaction and project progress. This fragmentation resulted in inefficiencies, hindered collaboration, and limited communications with valuable clients. The company needed a solution that would deeply understand business operations. They also wanted a solution to streamline their operations by providing clients with a customizable and personalized experience while adhering to strict regulations. To solve its problem, the company contracted Cleared Systems, a leading Managed Services Provider. This collaboration settled on deploying Dynamics 365 GCC High Customer Service Enterprise. We used our considerable experience in Microsoft Volume Licensing to help aerospace companies navigate the licensing requirements based on their specific needs.  


  • To unify and streamline internal operations, break down data silos, integrate processes, and enhance visibility across departments by deploying Dynamics 365 GCC High Customer Service Enterprise.  
  • To improve customer experience, streamline interactions, personalize communications, and provide real-time project updates.  
  • To boost operational efficiency, minimize manual tasks, optimize resource allocation, and reduce project delivery times.  
  • To maintain strict compliance, adhere to stringent government regulations, and ensure data security.  

Which Challenges were Faced Deploying Dynamics 365 GCC High?

While it was clear that changes were necessary to improve customer relations and streamline operations while maintaining compliance, they faced challenges. Key among the issues we faced include:  

Change Management  

Transitioning to Dynamics 365 GCC High presented a significant change management hurdle. Employees deeply ingrained in their siloed, on-premises systems and established workflows felt apprehensive about the shift to a new, cloud-based platform. This apprehension manifested in several ways:  

  • Fear of the unknown: Many employees weren’t familiar with Dynamics 365 GCC High Customer Service Enterprise and were worried about adapting to a new interface and learning curve. This unfamiliarity resulted in suspicion and resistance to the change.  
  • Disruption of routines: Established workflows ingrained in the on-premises systems were suddenly under threat, causing anxiety and disrupting daily tasks. Employees accustomed to specific processes felt the new system would hinder their efficiency.  
  • Loss of control: Shifting to Dynamics 365 GCC High meant some employees would relinquish some control over data and processes. This further fueled anxieties for employees used to operating within the confines of their familiar systems. Additionally, rumors started circulating that some employees would be reassigned and some retrenched.   

Data Migration and Integration  

The deployment of Dynamics 365 GCC High Customer Service Enterprise into the aerospace technology company’s information systems presented a significant data migration and integration challenge. Transitioning from siloed, on-premises systems to a unified platform required merging data from diverse sources, a complex process fraught with various issues such as:  

  • Data Disparity: Information resided in various disconnected systems, each using different formats, structures, and quality standards. Merging these disparate elements demanded meticulous planning and data mapping to ensure compatibility and avoid inconsistencies.  
  • Data Cleansing: Hidden within the disparate sources were inaccuracies, duplicates, and missing values. This data had to be cleansed to ensure its accuracy and completeness before migrating it into Dynamics 365 GCC High, which was crucial in ensuring consistency. 
  • Compatibility Issues: The Aerospace company used different systems built on different technologies. Integrating these systems required additional development efforts or specialized tools to bridge the gaps in data formats, structures, or communication protocols.   

Customizing Client Experience  

Personalizing Dynamics 365 GCC High for individual clients presented multifaceted challenges. Achieving this required modifying various offerings’ elements, from user interfaces to entire modules, to align with the company’s specific use cases. This challenge was evident during the configuration phases, where technical proficiency in Dynamics 365 GCC High and a deep understanding of client requirements was necessary. Striking a delicate balance between fulfilling client needs and navigating platform limitations posed a central challenge.  


Deploying Dynamics 365 GCC High Customer Service Enterprise  

This solution provided a centralized platform that unified data across departments, offering a holistic view of operations. It automated workflows, which streamlined processes and eliminated manual tasks, improving efficiency. Dynamics 365 GCC High Customer Service Enterprise also enabled real-time visibility, allowing comprehensive tracking of project progress, resource allocation, and customer interactions. Furthermore, it facilitated a personalized customer experience by customizing communication channels and providing real-time project updates, strengthening client relationships. Lastly, the deployment ensured FedRAMP High compliance, guaranteeing the highest level of data security and adherence to government regulations.  

Unified Identity Management 

Our team leveraged the existing Office 365 GCC High and Microsoft Entra ID to implement a unified identity management solution. This allowed for a single, consolidated identity across all the Aerospace Company’s systems and applications. It simplified user access, improved security, and facilitated seamless collaboration across the company. This solution was key in enhancing user experience and maintaining high security standards. 


Cleared Systems provided comprehensive training to the aerospace company’s employees to ensure a smooth transition to the new system and maximize its benefits. This training was designed to familiarize employees with the new system, alleviate apprehensions, and equip them with the necessary skills to use the platform effectively. The training also helped change management, ensuring employees could adapt to the new workflows and processes with ease. This increased employee productivity and ensured that the company could fully leverage the capabilities of Dynamics 365 GCC High Customer Service Enterprise.  

How Did the Aerospace Company Benefit from Dynamics 365 GCC High Customer Service Enterprise Deployment? 

The aerospace company achieved significant success after deploying Dynamics 365 GCC High Customer Service Enterprise. The company saw:  

Unified Operations  

The Dynamics 365 GCC High deployment integrated disparate data sources into a single, unified platform. This eliminated data silos and facilitated seamless data flow across various departments. The enhanced visibility and accessibility of data improved decision-making processes and operational efficiency, leading to a 20% improvement in budget accuracy due to more precise forecasting and cost control.  

Improved Customer Experience  

By deploying Dynamics 365 GCC High Customer Service Enterprise, the company was able to automate and streamline customer interactions. This product provided tools for personalizing communications based on customer preferences and history. This not only improved customer satisfaction significantly but also strengthened relationships by making interactions more relevant and engaging.  

Increased Operational Efficiency  

Dynamics 365 GCC High automated routine tasks, freeing resources for more strategic initiatives. It also provided tools for optimizing resource allocation based on real-time data and predictive analytics. This led to more efficient operations, a 20% reduction in project delivery times, and increased employee productivity. 


Deploying Dynamics 365 GCC High by Cleared Systems proved a game-changer for the aerospace company. It unified their operations, improved customer experience, and increased operational efficiency. The cloud-based platform broke down data silos, streamlined processes, personalized communications, and optimized resource allocation. It also ensured strict compliance with government regulations, enhancing the company’s reputation in the aerospace industry. Are you ready to transform your business operations and take them to new heights? Contact Cleared Systems today and let us help you unlock the full potential of Dynamics 365 GCC High for your business.  

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